Thursday, December 11, 2014

Merry Christmas to you and yours

Dear Friends and Business Associates,

We would like to extend to each of you the warmest of Christmas greetings.  It is our hope that this year forth brings about blessings and happiness that lasts throughout each day, and the whole year long.

Remember those close to you.  Take no one and nothing for granted.  We never know how short life can be until we come close to losing it.  This happened to me this year and changed my perspective on many things.  Some things lost their meaning and others gained more meaning.  I found that now the things that matter most are not things at all, but they are people and experiences, laughter, smiles, love, warmth, security ... These are what I now hold close and have a new love for, even more so than before.

Time is a treasure and we usually have less of it than money, yet we spend it more foolishly than we do the bills in our pocket, in many cases.  May we see it as the treasure that it is and spend it wisely.  Spend it on those who matter, those who will be there when the road gets weary and long, those who will lend a hand when we need it and an ear when we need that too.  May we build up our treasure of friendships more than treasures of gold.  May we help one another and be there in good and bad for all of those we love.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

God bless!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't take things so serious

Sometimes we tend to take things too seriously.  Especially when it comes to business..  This is an area where we strive hard for perfection and growth, and it is an area where if we are not careful we can let our concerns rule over our success and our happiness in that success.

Time to lighten up.  Time to step back and say "Will this matter in 5 year?"  If not, then it is not really something to waste much time on... deal with the portions that you need to, and then move on.

When you hear someone making a wise crack, or slamming something you have done, something against you, your company or your industry,  or it may even be something that you stand for, remember that we all are endowed with the same God given rights to speak our mind (even little minds have rights), so let it go ... As they say, Shake it off!  It is not worth your time, concern or energy to try to fix it, change it, or to change their mind.  In most cases, a response is not even necessary.  Just let it go.

Stay focused and these small obstacles will not even be noticed as any more than a bump.  However, if your eyes fixate on them, and you become obsessive in fixing it, you will lose your sanity and probably your position within the industry because you followed a red herring instead of the road to your goals and aspirations.

Remember - one person's opinion is nothing to base your life, business or thoughts on.  Especially when that person is someone who you have most likely never met, never will meet and just has an attitude that has not been adjusted and they are taking their anger or resentment out on you, or your team.  Shake it off - let it go.  There is too much to do and too little time to do it already.  Don't waste such a valuable commodity on such a petty nuisance.

Remember - only those who stay focused on the goal and move in that direction ever win!  Don't be cut short by negativity.  Be the WINNER that you are.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ever Evolving ... Encouraging and Embracing Change

I am an old school girl.  I love to go back in time in my mind and remember what things used to be like.  Back when things were less complicated, not as fast paced.  A time when there were fewer ways to be in contact with those you cared about, yet you were in contact more.  A time when we had fewer tools to do the job, but the job was done better.  A time when we didn't take things and people for granted, but appreciated who and what we had in life.

However.  I also like change.  Let me rephrase that.  I do not like change just for the sake of change.  I like changes that make a difference.  Changes that matter.  Be it in my personal life, my relationships or home life, my social life and my work life.  If there is a change that can be made to make things lighter and brighter; I say let's do it!

Some changes are easier than others.  This is based a lot on our comfort zone, or past experiences, our areas of expertise and struggle, as well as our routines, patterns and habits.  However, once we embrace change instead of resisting it, it tends to go much smoother and we can ease in to the new routine(s) without much difficulty.  We just have to be willing to do it.

What changes are you needing to make?  In what areas of your life or business? Some changes will affect both our personal and our business life, other changes are more subtle and may not be seen by anyone other than you.  However, any positive change is something worth doing.  Make a conscious choice to make a change today.  Small or large, you owe it to yourself, your future and those you love, to make constant changes that will enhance and improve your life and the life of those around you.  As they say "JUST DO IT!"

Monday, June 18, 2012

Be Personal

Sometimes we seem to think that we are so busy, we have no time for anything.  When I begin  to feel this way I step back and ask "who. do you. think. you are?"  As if I am so much busier than anyone who has come before me.  As if this should excuse me from things like manners, courtesy, friendliness, helping others.  WHO. DO I . THINK. I AM?  It is nonsense.  People before me got up before the sun did, to go out and tend fields and animals prior to leaving for work where they had to walk an hour to get there, work all day in the sun and after a 12 hour shift, walk another hour home.  Get home and eat, then wash clothes by hand to prepare for the next day.  That is, after they walked to the stream for water.

But.  I am too busy.

As I said - Nonsense.  It is an excuse.  It is laziness.  It is thinking too highly of one's self and position.  That is what it is.

We HAVE time - we do not TAKE the time.  THIS is the honest truth.

So, let's be honest.  Let's be real.

Everyone likes to be noticed, appreciated, helped and thought of.  No one says they do.  We take on the role and attitude that we are fine and need nothing.  However, if we go back to being honest and real, we will say it is true.

So, if we like it, why do we hold it back from others?  This is where we go back to the excuse of being too busy and I say nonsense...

TAKE the time.  MAKE the time. FAKE the time.  If you don't have it - fake it!  but make the time and make it count.  It doesn't have to be anything huge but be real, be courteous, be kind, be helpful and show good manners.  If we can just get this part down, we can change a society that is quickly becoming rude.

When I reach out to people, just in a personal manner as in dropping them a personal hand written note when they do business with us, they notice.  They also respond with a thank you.  This is because it is so rarely seen nowadays, so when someone actually does it - people notice and respond.  This makes me feel good, because I have made them feel good for the day and hopefully brought a smile.  And it took me all of a few minutes to sit down and jot them a note.  A few minutes in the scheme of a lifetime, really is a small task when it comes to improving my relationships with another person.

So, I challenge you to find a way to be real.  To be personable and to be personal.  SMILE and see where that smile can lead you.

Don't think you are all that - Remember, we are all here and equal ... we just have different roles.  So, be kind to the one who may pass you by in a short moment ... you may need them on the other side.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Wishing all of you Fathers, a very Happy Father's Day!

Thank you for the sacrifices and for the love you share with your children and your family.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Awards Showcase Coming End of June!

Family Review Center  | Family Review & Award Center | Family Review Magazine will soon be showcasing the Award Winners for this round. EXCITING times when we can share the best of the best with our viewers.

JUNE 30 is the date.  Mark it in bold on your calendar!

We will announce it in an eblast to our opt in pals, so you do not forget to check in.  Everyone else is invited to come on by, it will be prominently announced on the front page of the site and you won't be able to miss it.

Be Relevant

How many times do we speak to those we do business with in a manner that neither grabs their attention or has any relevance in their life?  If we want to get someone's attention, we need to be real and relevant.  We need to know their needs, their desires, their situation and their problem, in order to speak into their mind, day and life something that will not only get their attention but demand an action on their part, to move them to what we want them to do.

We need to push beyond the point of what we want and desire and walk in to the mind and shoes of the one we are speaking with.   If our only objective is speaking and unloading our thoughts, then this is not of any matter to us.  However, if we truly wish to connect with the one we are speaking to, and especially if we want to have a business relationship with that one, then this is critical and something so many often overlook.  We are not here for chit-chat.  We are here to bring someone to the point of decision before we complete the dialogue with them.

Many salespeople are great at talking, yet have a hard time closing a deal.  Why?  Because they have not found this formula.  They talk, but with no relevance.

Be relevant.  Know a little about the one you are speaking to.  Don't let it be all about You.  The more you engage them and speak of them and their needs, the more attention they will give you.